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Roll Coaters


Roll Coaters apply metered coatings to flat products at the highest coatings transfer efficiency of almost any application method.


Forest Technologies’ roll coating systems offer incredible value and unsurpassed performance. We offer 3 different drive systems to power our roll coaters.


Traditional linked roll drive systems where all rolls are driven by the same motor and linked via sprocket and chain.

Independent variable speed motor driven rolls. Each roll has a motor sized for its torque and speed range allowing for variable speed control of all rolls.


HydRol system using hydraulic pump driven roll motors. This allows for high torque variable speed and the smoothest coatings application of any roll drive system. Hydrol offers the finest finishing for high end products such as exotic furniture grade veneers or solid hardwoods.



Roll Coater Types


Direct Roll Coater

This is the basic form of a roll coater and all other designs stem from this. A DRC consists of a support roll, an application roll and a metering roll.





Differential DR

A DRC where the Metering roll runs differentially to the application roll, giving a smother finish to the product.



Reverse Roll Coater

A RRC is basic DRC with a large diameter Drum positioned after the application roll. This runs slower and in REVERSE to product flow. Reverse Coaters are generally used for filling surface defects in the substrate being coated.




Combination Coater

A dual DDRC used where a “wet on wet” application of coatings is required. The second application roll runs at a higher speed in reverse direction applying a very smooth coat.





Roll Coaters can be manufactured for products up 12 feet in width and line speeds exceeding 400 feet per minute. Numerous options and customization is available.


Spray Booths


Spray Booths are use to apply coatings to multifaceted contoured products like moldings, trim or raised panel doors.


Forest Technologies has several working designs for spray booths. Lineal booths that coat 4 sides of a product like trim and moldings. Gangs spray booths that cover wide profiled products up to 8’ or more in width. Application system will vary by the coating used. Low pressure, conventional, HVLP, Air Assist, and Airless spray systems are all available.


Custom Coaters


Custom Coaters by Forest technologies include precision weir pneumatic coaters, stain brush machines, high speed curtain coaters and fan coaters. Our designs are proven. Our knowledge and technical service is unmatched. If you have a specialized coating need we can design a system for you.


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