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Custom Coating


Forest Technologies has operated a custom finishing service since 1985. We currently run 4 different finishing lines in our 30,000 sq. ft. facility located in Salem, Oregon.


Forest Technologies is a full service custom finishing operation. We are capable of finishing a wide variety of building products including mouldings, trim, plywood, MDF, and OSB panel products, to name a few.


Our strip line can prime or pre-finish lineal material in widths from 1½ “ to 16”, lengths up to 240”, and up to 2” in thickness on 1 to 6 sides of the product. This line has spray, vacuum coat, and roll coat capabilities


Our panel or flat line can prime or pre-finish product in widths from 24” to 50”, lengths to 145” and 1/8” to 1½ “ in thickness. The flat line has 5 coating stations with spray and roll coat application capability, and it has UV curable coating options.


Our shelving line is a single print operation, printing face, back, and one edge all in one pass. We are the most competitive direct printer in the country.


Forest Technologies also operates a 4 ft wide 5 coat 100% UV cured coating line for high end finishing of hardwood panel stock. This line will handle 16” to 50” in width, 1/8” to 1” in thickness, and up to 122” in length.


We will work with our customers to develop specific coating systems and processes to meet your markets demand.


Call us today with your inquiries / requests at 503-363-3984, ask for Don Miller, or E-mail us at: sales@forest-technologies.com or donm@forest-technologies.com




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